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Get prerequisites

This endpoint returns the requisite blockchain transactions required to permit the action (ex. creation of a new Immersve Card). It also indicates if everything is in order before instructing the client of any blockchain transactions. Insufficient KYC and AML status may trigger an error response.

Path Parameters
  • action string required

    Possible values: [create-card, withdraw]

Request Body required
  • chainId string

    Chain ID (see

  • amount string

    The amount to be locked in the smart contract denominated in the major unit.

  • token string

    Possible values: [USDC]

    The asset or token the amount is denominated in.


User is allowed to perform action. Client should be able to request transactions from the user wallet to Immersve wallet The client needs to parse transaction info and convert it to the chain-specific calls

  • requiredTransactions object[]
  • Array [
  • type string

    Possible values: [erc20_approval, smart_contract_write]

  • params object
  • oneOf

  • spender string

    The address of the spender of the ERC-20 approval

  • amount string

    The approval amount

  • token string
  • ]