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Get secure card details

The secure card details endpoint returns the sensitive card details when presented with a token obtained via the generate card token endpoint.

Request Body required
  • tokenId string

    The token returned by the Get card token endpoint


Token valid and sensitive card details returned

  • creationTime string

    Timestamp expressed in unix epoch time

  • modifiedTime string

    Timestamp expressed in unix epoch time.

  • id string

    An encrypted identifier for this instance

  • cardNumber string

    Unique number identifying the card

  • panFirst6 string

    First six digits of the PAN

  • panLast4 string

    Last four digits of the PAN

  • type string

    Possible values: [TEMP, PHY, ONE, VIRTUAL]

    The card's type

  • status string

    Possible values: [active, cancelled, created, shipped]

    Status of the card

  • sequenceNumber int32

    Identification number generated when the card is ordered. This number is incremented each time the card is re-ordered.

  • cardProfileName string

    Name of the card profile used to create the card

  • shippingNumber string

    Number used to identify the card’s shipment

  • pinFailCount int32

    Total count of failed pin entries

  • reissue boolean

    Boolean indicating whether the card has been reissued

  • expiry string

    Expiration date of the card

  • customerNumber string

    Unique number used to identify the customer

  • embossedName string

    Name embossed on the card

  • pan string
  • cvv2 string

    Full card verification value code