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Order a card

Order a virtual card for the current user.

Request Body required
  • amount string required

    Amount as monetary value to be loaded. Example $0.1 USDC should be "0.1".

  • currency string

    Coin being used currently only USDC

  • transactionHash string required

    The hash of transaction transferring USDC to Immersve Payment Protocol smart contract


Successful operation

  • id string

    Card primary identifier

  • accountId string

    Which account this card belongs to

  • externalId string

    The external id for this card

  • status string

    Possible values: [active, cancelled, created, shipped]

    Status of the card

  • cardType string

    Possible values: [virtual]

    The type of the card

  • panFirst6 string

    The first 6 digits of the card

  • panLast4 string

    The last 4 digits of the card

  • expiry string

    The expiry of the card

  • immersveExpiration string

    The expiry as set by Immersve

  • createdAt string

    Timestamp of card creation

  • modifiedAt string

    Timestamp of card modification

  • version number
  • lockedFundId string
  • lockedFundAmount number
  • lockedFundCurrency string

    The currency of this card