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Non-Custodial Wallets

Decentralized applications (such as DeFi and GameFi dApps) or web3 wallets themselves may support card issuance flows utilizing various web3 technologies. Cardholder accounts may be funded by way of either the end user's non-custodial wallet or, in some cases, via intermediary smart contract deposits.

The below guides are available to assist in your integration:

  1. The SIWE Authentication Guide describes how your application may support a cardholder in establishing a session by authenticating directing using their web3 wallet.
  2. The Card Funding guide describes how a cardholder account is funded such that transactions may be approved.
  3. The Issue a Virtual Card guide and Card Lifecycle guide will give you an understanding of how to create and issue a card to a user.

If this doesn't sound right given your use case then check out the custodial wallets guide for information on how you might fund cardholder accounts on behalf of your users. Contact us if you require further assistance to understand how your use case might be supported.