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Card Funding

A Funding Source is a pointer to a source of funds for a cardholder that can be drawn upon in relation to transactions made on cards issued to that cardholder. A Funding Source must have been created prior to creating a card; a card must be tagged with a Funding Source at the time of card creation.

Immersve Payment Protocol

Contract Module that allows users to deposit and lock funds in order to be able to fund one-time-use Immersve virtual cards.

Issue a Virtual Card

A virtual card is a payment card that exists only in digital form. As such, virtual cards are most suitable for online e-commerce purchases as opposed to in-store purchases at brick-and-mortar merchants. By default, virtual cards are logically time-bound and ephemeral. Beginning at the time of issuance of a virtual card, it has a finite useable lifespan which is often represented within the UI of the issuing client application as a stopwatch-type timer. This model presents certain benefits over a persistent payment card model (be they virtual, tokenized or physical) in that the potential for card fraud is dramatically reduced.