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This custodial integrator webhook endpoint is called when an authorization or sale request is made.

For more information on setting up webhooks see the webhooks guide

Request Body required
  • cardId string required

    The card ID

  • transactionId string required
  • authorizationId string nullable
  • transactionType string required

    Possible values: [100, 200]

    The transaction type:

    100 - auth request

    200 - sales request

  • merchantName string required

    Card acceptor name

  • merchantCurrency string required

    Card acceptor currency

  • merchantAmount number required

    Card acceptor amount in minor units of the merchant currency

  • billingCurrency string required

    Billing currency

  • billingAmount number required

    Billing amount in minor units of the billing currency

  • settlementCurrency string required
  • settlementAmount number required

    Settlement amount in minor units of the settlement currency

  • mcc string required

    Merchant category code

  • exchangeRate string required

    Exchange rate between merchant and settlement currencies

  • channel string required


  • transactionDate date-time required

    Transaction date

  • messageId string required

    Message ID to prevent being processed multiple times

  • actualAuthenticationMethod string required

    Possible values: [not_applicable, not_performed, email, sms, push, biometric, other]

  • posDataCode string nullable
  • feeAmount number

    The amount charged by IMMERSVE for this transaction in minor units of the settlement currency


Authorization request accepted