Welcome to Immersve

Immersve is a multi-chain payment protocol and web3 Mastercard® product. Powered by the tech and values of web3, Immersve enables its clients to deliver decentralized and centralized payment experiences to their users.

This documentation is aimed at developers and technically-minded folks interested in integrating with or understanding the underlying mechanics of the Immersve solution.

If end users will directly control the means by which cards will be funded (i.e. they hold the private key controlling the relevant blockchain address) then you should start at the non-custodial wallet guides. If a custodian holds and controls the digital assets that will fund cards, such as a centralized exchange or other custodial wallet, then the custodial wallet guides are relevant to your use case.

If you know exactly what you're looking for, you might like to go straight to these resources:

  1. API reference wherein you can view API request/response payloads and try interacting with the API from the browser.
  2. Immersve Payment Protocol smart contract interface documentation.