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List cards



Lists cards by account.

This API uses cursor-based pagination. Start by making a request without a cursor to get the first page. Use the nextCursor from the pageInfo in the response as the cursor for subsequent requests to retrieve further pages. Continue until nextCursor is undefined, indicating no more data.


Path Parameters

    accountId stringrequired

    AccountId linked to transactions

Query Parameters

    limit number

    Number of records to return

    cursor string

    Cursor to retrieve the next page of records

    excludeExpired boolean

    Filter by expiry state

    status string

    Possible values: [created, active, cancelled, shipped]

    Filter by card status

    expiresAfter string

    Timestamp to filter out cards with an expiration date after the given time. Value should be an ISO 8601 string or RFC 2822 string. excludeExpired must be false


Successful operation




  • Array [

  • id stringrequired

    Card primary identifier

    accountId stringrequired

    User account ID linked to card

    type stringrequired

    Possible values: [virtual]

    Type of the card

    createdAt stringrequired

    Timestamp of card creation

    modifiedAt stringrequired

    Timestamp of card modification

    expiresAt stringrequired

    Timestamp of card expiration

    isBlocked booleanrequired

    Whether the card is blocked

    status stringrequired

    Possible values: [active, cancelled, created, shipped]

    Status of the card

    fundingSourceIds arrayrequired

    List of Funding Source IDs linked to the card

    expiry string

    Expiry date of the card

    currency string

    The currency of this card

    panFirst6 string

    First 6 digits of the card's PAN (Primary Account Number)

    panLast4 string

    Last 4 digits of the card's PAN (Primary Account Number)

    immersveExpiration string

    Deprecated field, use expiresAt

    lockedFundAmount string

    Legacy cards only. An integer in the smallest denomination for the given currency

    lockedFundCurrency string

    Legacy cards only. Currency used to lock funds on card creation

    fundingWallet string

    Legacy cards only. Address of the wallet used to fund the card

  • ]

  • pageInfo


    Page info for paginated results, undefined if no page info

    nextCursor string

    Cursor for next page, undefined if no more pages