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List Funding Channels



Retrieves a list of Funding Channels for the given account

This API uses cursor-based pagination. Start by making a request without a cursor to get the first page. Use the nextCursor from the pageInfo in the response as the cursor for subsequent requests to retrieve further pages. Continue until nextCursor is undefined, indicating no more data.


Path Parameters

    accountId stringrequired

    Partner account id to retrieve Funding Channels for.

Query Parameters

    limit number

    amount of records to return (max 100)

    cursor string

    cursor to retrieve the next page


Successful operation




  • Array [

  • id string

    Funding Channel primary identifier.

    createdAt string

    Timestamp of Funding Channel creation.

    storageAddress string

    Fund storage smart contract address.

    fundingTypeName string

    The type of Funding Channel registered.

    name string

    Name of the Funding Channel.

  • ]

  • pageInfo


    Page info for paginated results, undefined if no page info

    nextCursor string

    Cursor for next page, undefined if no more pages