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Immersve uses webhooks to push real-time notifications to your app.

Immersve sends events to your webhook endpoint as part of a POST request with a JSON payload. Your webhook must return a 200 response. If a 200 response is not received, Immersve will retry sending the notification with exponential backoff. Immersve has a maximum retry delay of 12 hours.

There are multiple webhooks that Immersve sends to your app:

Steps to receive webhooks

You can start receiving event notifications in your app using the steps in this section:

  1. Create a webhook endpoint as an HTTP endpoint (URL) on your local server Webhook API Reference.
  2. Handle requests from Immersve by parsing each event object and returning a 200 response status code.
  3. Deploy your webhook endpoint so it’s a publicly accessible HTTPS URL.
  4. Contact Immersve to register your publicly accessible HTTPS URL.